Are you a small business owner who is time poor?

Can you honestly say that owning your own business is all that you dreamt it would be? Is the dream slowly turning into a nightmare? No time to post on social media, your followers just not feeling the love, potential clients slipping under the radar? Is your email inbox over-flowing, your paperwork piling up? The list of things you AREN'T getting done is endless! Is there any way out of this mess? Absolutely! Read on and learn how I can help you turn this nightmare back into your dream........      




What you need are the services of a virtual assistant, your own PA but without all of the employee expenses. Most small businesses aren’t in the position to employ a full-time administration assistant, but by utilising the services of a Virtual Assistant, you don’t need to employ someone. You can hire a VA for as many or as few hours as you need. There are no extra employment expenses such as Superannuation, sick pay, holiday pay, additional office space and equipment - the list goes on. By hiring a VA, you are then free to focus your time and energy where it is more productive, doing those things that you love about your business.




Each virtual assistant has an area of expertise. These can be services such as (but not limited to):


  • Social media management

  • Editing and proofreading

  • Word processing

  • Document creation

  • Calendar management

  • Email inbox management

  • Research

  • Customer service (phone and email)

  • Travel arrangements (transport and accommodation)





I want to assure you that as a business partner for over 20 years I understand how difficult it can be to juggle all the balls. I totally get it! And I also understand how hard it can be to hand over the reins of your business to someone else, a total stranger. However, together, we can create a plan of how you can gain back some of your valuable time to focus on the aspect of your business that you truly love. Together we can set your dream back in motion. Over the course of my career, I have undertaken all of the administration/social media needs within the business.  This left my business partner free to be the ‘face’ of the business while I kept it running smoothly behind the scenes. Why not see if I can help to do the same for your business?





  • REDUCED costs - no extra employee expenses such as Superannuation, workers compensation, holiday pay, sick pay, etc.

  • You will have MORE TIME to increase productivity in your business

  • We help to keep you ORGANISED

  • Allows you to have a better WORK/LIFE BALANCE - however, that may look for you

  • No need for additional office space, equipment and supplies, REDUCING costs (we work from home and come complete with our own equipment)

  • You have the FLEXIBILITY to use the services of a virtual assistant as and when required. This could be for a few hours per week or more, depending on your needs at the time.



Richard McCabe, Lifestyle Salon Coach

Mandy has been an invaluable asset to my coaching business, and I would highly recommend her to anyone.

As a coach life gets very busy and the last thing you want is to halt your growth by doing all the back-end stuff that sucks your time away.

Mandy looked after all my social media posts, groups and business pages and planned campaigns in advance to fill my webinars, and making sure people turned up. She also took care of all my emails reaching out to my list and converted them into clients.

When new clients were taken on Mandy would onboard them and be the first point of contact with them.

She also took over my diary and organised my trips away and my time very effectively.

Mandy’s perfectionist traits to make sure all work is perfect and delivered on time means I can pass work on to her and forget about it.

If you are looking for a VA or PA that will take some pressure off you with organising, client point of call, social media, blog writing, proofreading, email and some design work then Mandy is highly experienced in all of this.

Again highly recommend her to anyone.

Charlie Richardson

I have used Amanda's services throughout my entire master's degree. Through her services, I can be reassured that the quality of writing I am submitting for assignments is of an outstanding standard. Her reliability, precision and accuracy in picking up grammatical errors have been invaluable to the high class and readability of work required for my master's Studies. Her attention to detail in sentence structure, references and overall layout was exceptional. Her vast and efficient editing skills allowed for constructive feedback in fine-tuning my master's assignments structure and layout. It is apparent that Amanda takes pride in her work and she loves what she does. She is an expert in her field, professional and easy to work with. Amanda has proven to be a highly talented editor and proof-reader. I cannot recommend Amanda highly enough as someone who endeavours to make any written academic submission achieve its potential.

I have no hesitation in strongly recommending Amanda McCabe VA


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