Hi, I’m Amanda and I’d like to help you gain back some of your time to enjoy doing the things you love the most.


I am based on the beautiful Central Coast of NSW, Australia. This has been my home now for the past 16 years and I am originally from the UK. When I’m not at my desk you will find me either at the beach with my 2 Hungarian Vizsla’s or catching up with my children and their families. I love reading, cooking and am a bit of a perfectionist (which can be very handy if you need me to proofread a document).

Having been a partner in several businesses for over 20 years I know how difficult it can be to juggle all the balls. We start our businesses because we love what we do but we don’t take into account all those things that need doing but that we’re not quite so fond of!


This is where I can help!


Most small businesses aren’t in the position to employ a full-time administration assistant but by utilising the services of a VA you don’t need to employ someone. You can hire a VA for as many or as little hours as you need. There’s no extra employment expenses such as Superannuation, sick pay, holiday pay, extra office space and equipment - the list goes on. By hiring a VA you are then free to focus your time and energy where it is more productive, doing those things that you love about your business.


Over the course of my career I have undertaken all of the administration needs within the business, leaving my business partner to be the ‘face’ of the business whilst I keep it running smoothly behind the scenes. Why not see if I can help to do the same for your business?


If you don’t see a service listed just ask me because the chances are it’s something I can help you with.

© 2019 by Amanda McCabe VA

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